America needs immigration reform now.

Michigan United
Michigan United

I Support The 14th Amendment

 Radical legislators all across the country are attacking a cornerstone of our Constitution and Civil Rights law-- the 14th Amendment.

They're trying to overturn this critical Constitutional protection to deny children born to immigrant parents the right to US Citizenship.

This is a broad attack against immigrant communities and their children.  

Most alarming, as they advance their hateful campaign against immigrants, these politicians are targeting *kids*.

We know that our Constitution should protect diversity and work for inclusion, not divide us against each other.

But here in Michigan, a group of legislators has introduced a resolution -encouraging- Congress to join the attack against our Constitution and immigrant children.

We know this resolution doesn't represent our state-- take action today and let the legislature know that Michigan believes in civil rights for all.

Please contact one of HR 30's main co-sponsors, Democrat Lesia Liss of Warren, Michigan today.  

Our goal is to encourage Representative Liss to do the right thing and drop her co-sponsorship of the hateful HR 30.

Lesia Liss

Michigan State Representative

Warren, MI
Fax:(517) 373-5910

 Thanks for taking action!  

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