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Michigan United

Caught on Camera: Show Me Your Papers!

Click for video: Border Patrol interrogates Jose, a US Citizen, for "suspicious behavior"

Border Patrol Is Out of Control:

Take Action Against Racial Profiling!

Border Patrol: On guard against terrorists and smugglers...or hassling Latinos at your local Walgreens.  Whatever it takes to protect the homeland. 

Jose Gonzalez is a US Citizen.  He was born in McAllen, Texas.  The closest he's come to even leaving the United States is the great view of Canda he has from his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

Last week, Jose decided to stop at the Walgreen's pharmacy.  For no reason at all, Border Patrol agents pulled a u-turn and staked out his car in the parking lot.  Afterwards, they followed him for several miles, pulled him over, and interrogated him about his citizenship.

Jose showed them a valid driver’s license, and repeatedly explained to them that he is a US citizen. They refused to believe him, and instead kept interrogating him.

Border Patrol: “Where were you born?”
Jose: “McCallen, Texas.”
Border Patrol: "When did you come in to the country?  Did you get a visa?"
Jose was quick on his feet, and caught most of the stop on video. Take a moment to listen to the Border Patrol as they explain Jose's suspicious behavior...talking on his cell phone. 
That doesn't sounds like law enforcement. That's racial profiling.
Is this how Border Patrol is supposed to be keeping us safe from smugglers, terrorists, and human traffickers- by racially profiling people at the pharmacy?  It’s wrong. It’s a violation of our civil liberties, not to mention a complete waste of our tax dollars.
That's not what America is supposed to be about. Join us and hold the Border Patrol accountable. Tell Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that Border Patrol can't get away with racial profiling anymore.
This isn't an isolated incident.  The New York Civil Liberties Union just released a report detailing systematic profiling on New York's public transit.  Civil rights groups all across the country have seen the same thing.