America needs immigration reform now.

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Tell President Obama:

Don't Raise Campaign Cash From a Broken Promise

Check out the screen shots below of the Obama Campaign's latest immigration reform strategy: fundraising!

We woke up this morning, and checked our email.  Imagine our surprise to find an ad asking us to join an unlikely duo in their support for immigration reform:

President Barack Obama and the owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch.

We clicked the link, and were asked to make a donation to the Obama Campaign.

We're glad to see that President Obama (and Rupert Murdoch..?) support immigration reform.  

But raising money from this broken campaign promise is absolutely inappropriate, and insulting to the families that are being broken apart by President Obama's policies.

President Obama has consistently refused to use his executive power to grant relief to the families of US citizens and DREAM youth facing deportation.  He has instead dumped resources into enforcement, and is on track to deport a record-number of non-criminal immigrants.  The Administration has aggresively promoted programs like 287g that give local law enforcement immigration powers, and refused to allow communities to opt-out of Secure Communities.

ICE and Border Patrol are out of control -- surrounding elementary schools, denying pregnant women medical treatment in detention, and conducting warrant-less illegal searches of immigrants' homes.

This is not a record to be proud of.  

It is tasteless and exploitive for the Obama Campaign to raise money off of the suffering of immigrant families, while the President refuses to take any steps to bring those families relief.

Please send the President a message asking him to take our demands for reform seriously, and take down the ads.

Our families need relief -- not campaign slogans.

President Barack Obama

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