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Action Alert, OneAmerica

"Secure Communities" Makes Us All Less Safe

OneAmerica and its allies are launching the Stop ICE's Insecure Communities campaign to fight back against ICE’s divisive "Secure Communities" program which threatens to undermine years of trust between local law enforcement and immigrant communities.

In April, Yakima and Lewis counties announced they would be the first in the state to sign-up for ICE’s so-called “Secure Communities,” but offered no opportunity for the public to have a voice in the program’s implementation which is slated for early June. Several more counties followed suit, including Benton, Franklin, Gray’s Harbor, Island, Pacific and Walla Walla – none of them asking local residents for their input.

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"Secure Communities" allows state and local police to check the fingerprints of everyone they book into a jail – even those not convicted of any crimes – against civil immigration databases and if there is a “hit,” ICE is automatically notified. The program erodes trust between law enforcement and immigrant communities, contains hidden costs for cash-strapped local governments, and ends up deporting people who have never been charged with serious crimes – some with no criminal history at all – in direct opposition to the stated purpose of the program.

Plus it’s often rolled out, as we're now discovering across Washington, without any opportunity for public input. We must act now to ensure that counties who have expressed interest in the program reconsider before the program is up and operational.

Here’s how you can join the Stop ICE's Insecure Communities campaign and fight back!

  • Sign the petition (En Español) urging Washington State counties and local law enforcement to STOP implementing “Secure Communities” in OUR communities!
  • Speak up in a series of public meetings with officials who have accepted a program that makes our communities less safe! The first public meeting is in Yakima on Wednesday, June 1, at 6pm at the Holy Redeemer Church, 1707 S. 3rd Ave. between Washington & Mead Avenues.

Other jurisdictions across the country have challenged "Secure Communities," including the State of Illinois, whose Governor recently terminated its participation and the DHS Inspector General’s Office who announced an investigation into the program.

Why are Washington State counties pushing "Secure Communities" now—without public input—in the face of a deluge of questions and concerns? Sign the petition and join a public dialogue with decision makers - all part of the Stop ICE's Insecure Communities campaign to STOP ICE’s divisive "Secure Communities" in our backyards.

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