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OneAmerica - Democracy Summer

OneAmerica Launches Campaign to Reclaim Our Communities

Frustrated that 1,000 people every day are being deported under President Obama, that immigration reform hasn’t passed, and Immigration & Customs Enforcement is expanding in your backyard? Angry at the system that draws voting lines so that certain voices simply don’t count?

Then join us in lifting up every voice. OneAmerica is launching Democracy Summer, a series of coordinated events that reclaim our communities and make a real difference in people’s lives. We’re a nation founded on the ideals of civic participation, yet we see the tragic consequences of bad policy every day – family members deported by political expediency, dreams shattered by an Green grassunresponsive police force. What happens if we join forces to create a stronger democracy?

Join us this summer in these opportunities:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez in Seattle

On Sunday, June 26, OneAmerica welcomes Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) to Seattle, as part of a 20-city Campaign for American Children and Families tour, to provide President Obama a direct challenge: end deportations of parents of citizen children and DREAM Act-eligible youth; and stop the harsh ICE enforcement programs like Secure Communities. Today. The President has the power to do this. Join 800 people from across the state as we listen to real stories of U.S. citizens whose family members are facing deportation.

What: Rep. Luis Gutierrez in Seattle
When: Sunday, June 26, 2011
Time: 1:30-3:00pm
Where: Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave, Seattle

Stop ICE's Insecure Communities

“Secure Communities,” a collaboration between ICE and local law enforcement, is being rejected by major cities and Governors across the country for undermining trust with the community and failing to catch serious criminals. It is also being investigated by DHS’s own Inspector General. And yet, here in Washington, eight counties have now signed up to jump aboard this faltering ship.

There has been no consultation with the community and immigrants across our state are living in fear. On June 1 in Yakima, OneAmerica organized a public forum where over 85 residents showed up to voice opposition to the program. No law enforcement attended, in spite of several invitations.

Sign the petition (En Español) for our campaign, Stop ICE’s Insecure Communities, to add your voice and learn more about the other forums that will happen.

Redrawing Voter Maps

We say that every vote counts but the truth is that some votes count for less because of the way the lines are drawn for voting districts. If communities can be divided up, they will never have the opportunity to have enough voices to make a difference. Washington’s population growth, particularly of immigrants and people of color, gave us the unique opportunity to redraw the Congressional and State Legislative District maps so that we can ensure that immigrants and people of color have better representation and can have their voices heard.

OneAmerica is partnering with the Win-Win Network to advocate for the “Unity Map,” a new 10th Congressional district in South King County that is majority people of color. We’re also advocating for several state legislative districts to be majority people of color, including one in Yakima, where the Latino vote is constantly split into different districts. OneAmerica members have testified at almost every redistricting public hearing so far. Will you join us? See the schedule of upcoming forums and lift your voice!

Support Democracy Summer

Your Dollars for Democracy Butterfly and green grasswill help lift every voice. $5 will print hundreds of flyers that inform people about the dangers of "Secure Communities." $15 will bring someone from Eastern Washington to hear Rep. Gutierrez in Seattle. Give today and help reclaim our communities!

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OneAmerica, formerly Hate Free Zone, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that advances the fundamental principles of democracy and justice by building power within immigrant communities.



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