America needs immigration reform now.

Michigan United
Michigan United

Donate Now to Help Stop Border Patrol Abuse!

Border Patrol is out of control - harassing immigrants at church during mass, targeting food pantries and community centers, abusing Muslims at border crossings, and stopping people on the streets just because they “look Latino.”  That's not law enforcement-- that's abuse.

Michigan United and advocates across the country have documented countless human rights violations by Border Patrol and the Office of Field Operations.  This isn't just a few mistakes.  Abuse and misconduct are normal operating procedure.

Michigan United has launched a major campaign to force Border Patrol to play by the rules, but it's not going to be easy. 

Can you support our work with a $50, $100, or $200 contribution?

 Your support now will help us work aggressively here in Michigan and coordinate with our allies all across the country.  Your contribution will go directly to on-the-ground organizing-- helping to send faxes to Congress, mobilize community members, print rally signs, document abuses, and support immigrant families in crisis.

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